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It takes courage to not attack.

I felt the need to become a Warrior for the Human Spirit as I witnessed what is happening to people in organizations, communities and nations everywhere. In too many places, people just don’t matter. Our great human capacities of generosity, caring and creativity are ignored or denied. And people themselves don’t remember their own capacities as they withdraw into fear, aggression and self-protection in response to this frightening time. Too many leaders grasp for control and self-interest, making short-term decisions that destroy both human potential and the future”.

Margareth Wheatley

How to keep connected with human race in a meaningfull and yet  not conniving way?

Perto do fogo

In early 2015 I received an invitation to apply myself to a course called “Warriors by Human Spirit.”

In Tibetan, the word for Warrior, Pawo, means one who is brave, brave enough to never resort to aggression or fear to accomplish their purposes.

Margaret Wheatley, creator of the course says:

A Warrior is simply a decent human being who aspires to be of service in an indecent, inhumane time. We want to be of service without adding to the confusion, aggression and fear now so prevalent, so we train ourselves well and form as a strong, supportive community. Through discipline and dedication, we develop our confidence, skillful means and compassion. We learn to see clearly into the nature of reality, and practice with enthusiastic perseverance to cultivate our own wakefulness. Warriors do not leave the scene. Our commitment is to stay engaged with those in power, to work inside our communities and in our families. We are committed to act in ways that make it possible for people to experience their human potential. We aspire to be a discerning, compassionate, sane presence in the most difficult circumstances.

For me, aspiring participant, a warrior for the human spirit is someone whose actions or silence say “enough”; is a quality presence that has the strength and purity to observe, embrace and transmute all that dishonors creation and life. He is the unfailing guardian of an invisible bridge between two worlds: that we have created so far, and the one for which we were made. The Warrior also lies in the background of every soul to cross this bridge, and when the last soul looks back, he reveals himself as the bridge itself.

Each training will be conducted by Margaret Wheatley and guest lecturers. There will be three intensive meetings in Schumacher Colllege, England, at intervals of approximately six months, with strong connections in between, including web-based conversations. The three Training cycle will be done as a team of up to 36 people from 20 countries.

I, Darlene Coelho, am a Brazilian passed to belong to this team, and I need your help to get there!

What is this website talking about?

This site is a kind of place to chat to everyone who is getting yourself a Warrior for Human Spirit. These people want to understand all the process to help me reach my goal. I want you to know that you can join us. Go ahead! Browse my website, read my story and choose the best way to help me. I will appreciate your reading, your support and your presence!

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Home    My Story    My Goal    The Project    Join In

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