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What have the warrior that live inside of you done for the Human Spirit?

Decide strengthen my skills to continue serving humanity with more clarity and balance began in June 2015 and went through several phases. Since the registration until the decision of which public financing platform choice, many suggestions, many doubts and many learnings took place! This is one of the most important episodes, when I finally managed to overcome a point that kept me moving forward:

On September 20, 2015, I was satisfied with the chosen financing platform, but still had resistance to strengthen the assumption that people only contribute when they receive something in return. I have hope that there are many people who will contribute because they believe that the course makes sense, because they connect with the meaning of Warriors, and they perceived that through the course I will improve my practice and serve better. I also know that there are people who will contribute for the friendship that unites us. But I understand that the more exchange there between all the people who put their intention on behalf of my participation in the course, the better! I wanted to make a trade based on the energy of movement, based on my conviction that we can accomplish great things when connected by the Human Spirit!

My dear friends, Edit and Juliana, solved the dilemma of dilemmas:

“What if we, your friends, the people who give the reward? One contributes to your campaign and receives, for example, a gardening class of Edit, or Reichian therapy session with Juliana. ”

The idea ignited my soul with the force of a falling star, and landed all the dreams in view of the infinite connections that this alternative would generate. I could get donations, flex in the talents in my network of friends, promote their work and generate tangible value to whom, incidentally, did not see value in financing training so I can be a warrior for the human spirit, but feel very well with a massage from Damar, a coaching from Marina, an entrepreneurial class from Allana …

So, I chose “eco do bem” crowdfunding platform from which will realize this dream:

Click here to contribute to the Collective Financing


TYPE OF CAMPAIGN: Flexible in 4 stages (values ​​according to US dollar exchange rate in Sep 2015):

Until 31/12/2015: Payment of the first installment of the current, US$ 1,800 (USD) = R$ 8,140.00

Until 04/30/2016: first installment of Schumacher + travel (one round-trip ticket Ctba / London + 1 trip train ticket and around London Totnes) = £ 600 + 1.000 USD + 96 pounds = R$ 9,400.00

Until 07/31/2016: Second installment of the course + second installment Schumacher + travel = R$ 17,536.00 (about US$ 4,500.00)

Until 12/31/2016: Third installment of the current + third installment of Schumacher + travel = R$ 17,536.00 (about US$ 4,500.00)

* Prices plus 13% related to rates of crowdfunding platform

You can help:


Sponsoring: contribution to financial resources. You can use or not of the rewards system.

Offering rewards: You may have a gift or service offering to exchange the financial donation from someone.


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Home    My Story    My Goal    The Project    Join In

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